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To Change a person who blames to a person who admires

When you admire yourself, you start to love others.

This will spread around the world and become a place where people can take care of one another.

Strive to look beyond race or the differences of others and admire the diversity of humankind.


Using self-massaging techniques to love and gently caress your body

A deep mindfulness for the body and soul.

The Lilynage method uses bone edge and deep lymphatic massage alongside self-coaching of the subconscious to conduct self-massages on the body and soul.


To feel, to intuit, to admire and to loosen is what you share with yourself as you use your own hands to massage your own body.



Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique using the fingers and palms of the hand to find specific pressure points in the body to release tension and to improve the natural flow of energy.

In the Lilynage method, shiatsu is incorporated to help manage the flow and circulation of energy in the body, and lymphatic drainage which encourages the draining of metabolic waste using the fingers and hands. Lilynage is our company’s original self-massage method.

The Japanese culture, “the way” is used to describe a variety of crafts such as ‘Sado'(the way of tea), ‘Kado'(the way of flowers), ‘Kendo'(the way of swords), ‘Kyudo'(the way of archery) and ‘Aikido'(the way of self-defense). 


It reflects the process that one takes in order to hone one’s craft within a ‘structure’ that is taught by a master or teacher which through self assisted practice helps one to grow as a person of integrity. At Lilynage, we also place our method into a ‘structure’ and believe that this will link to the growth of the soul, i.e. mind/bodyfullness.

In Japan, it has been thought from ancient time that a God lives within everything, whether it is a phenomenon, the sun, moon, wind, rooms in a house and even furniture. Everything that happens in this world, we treat with respect. The spirit of Lilynage method shows that there is a god within our bodies too which should be treated preciously and with the utmost care.

Lilynage is a method that equips you with the right tools to get you through any difficulties in life

Through your experiences with Lilynage, you will be able to perceive your emotions objectively when any problems or stressors that seem impossible to deal with, or arduous interactions with colleagues arise.

Lilynage teaches you to love yourself unconditionally, raise your self-esteem and help you find your full potential.

You take care of your body with your own hands. By soothing the body with not just mindfulness but also ‘bodyfulness’, the body’s fatigue is improved,  resurrecting all bodily sensations. Focus, Drive, Performance… It all connects to the amelioration of life skills.

Lilynage starts here. Using your hands to caress your body, feel your inner self and face the honest reality of what your body tells you. It is the first step of becoming your authentic self
While being in tune with your feelings by using your five senses, you will unearth the real you, using bone edge self-massaging techniques. You will notice your usual habits that lead to muscle tension and fat build up and will being making better choices day by day.
You will start to see who you were up until this point by looking back at the paths you took during your lifetime, recognize yourself and let go of any pain. Feel yourself exactly as your soul does and confirm once more of all the happiness you have experienced in your life up until now.
The you sho has faced your past and present experiences will naturally be overflowing with appreciation towards yourself. Using loving self-massage on your body and soul, you will love the real you. and you will also be able to take care of others in the same way
You who is overflowing with self-love and love for others, you are now ready to fly into the next stage. By letting go of tensions in the body and soul, you can loosen yourself and ease your way into the future that you’ve always wished for.
At Lilynage we put an end to self-negating and self-blame

Around the world there continues to be problems of human trafficking and child slavery and we stand against these atrocities.


We donate to a non profit

organization to stop there social issues from occurring in India.


For companys


Our company is able to offer the customization of our methods, a variety of philosophy-based research programs and workshops in order to cater to you company’s needs.


Get in touch to know more.

Our original massage cream
The time for self-love begins with one push Release yourself from hectic everyday life and as if you’re giving an embrace, gently envelop yourself in kindness Close your eyes and take one long deep breath Listening delicately to your body and soul Touch, Observe, Admire, Loosen

RU:KRM is a cream 

that nestles close to you, allowing you to love yourself more

Creator/ Lecturer Lily

Lily is the creator of Japan’s first wellness method ‘Lilynage’ and coached over a hundred tutors in tour different countries. At 13, after experiencing negative self image, she decided to become and aesthetician, abstaining an international aestheticians qualification at 20.

Lily spent ten years working internationally at clinics. Through a total of 20,000+ treatments and experiences through therapy, studies in physical anatomy, kinesiology, philosophy of success and work on the subconscious mind. Lily devised her own method using self-massage for the body and soul, ‘Lilynage’.

90,000 people have used the method up until now.

Her mission ‘To change a person who plames to a person who admires’ is shared in workshops both in Japan and internationally. tutor trainings, product developments, book publications and as a presenter on Voicy.

Lily is the owner of for business and board of directors of the Institute of self-massage.


She has published ‘Your body will want to lose weight in just ten days’ (KADOKAWA Publications).